Garden Activity Snuffle Mat – Nina Ottosson


Activity Snuffle Mat is brand new to the Nina Ottosson collection and comes in two versions the Fast Food & Garden.

  • Perfect for novice & experienced dogs
  • Increase the challenge by incorporating more hidden treat pouches and closures
  • This is made to be easy to clean with a water-resistant (slobber-resistant) and non-slip base.
  • Free shipping on full priced item

Width: 54.61cm Height: 35.56cm

In stock

Nina says there’s 3 ways to play!
  1. Easy challenge: Hide treats or dry food under plush material & encourage your dog to sniff them out.
  2. Increased challenge: Hide treats in pockets and cover with the toys.
  3. Ultimate challenge: Hide treats in 5 treat pockets & secure with hook & loop closure and hide treats with toys for a harder challenge.


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