Fast Food Activity Snuffle Mat



Nina Ottosson’s latest creation the Activity Snuffle Mat comes in two versions the Fast Food & Garden.

These toys are easy to clean and perfect for both novice and experienced dogs. Increase the challenge by incorporating more hidden treat pouches and closures.

This is made to be easy to clean with a water-resistant (slobber-resistant) and non-slip base.

Width: 54.61cm
Height: 35.56cm

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Nina says there’s 3 ways to play!

  1. Easy challenge: Hide treats or dry food under plush material & encourage your dog to sniff them out.
  2. Increased challenge: Hide treats in pockets and cover with the toys.
  3. Ultimate challenge: Hide treats in 5 treat pockets & secure with hook & loop closure and hide treats with toys for a harder challenge.

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Nina Ottosson

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