SPIN Cups Interactive Slow Feeder Bowl for Cats and Dogs



Is your dog always begging for food, even after they just ate? The SPIN Palette Feeder is the perfect solution to help your furry friend slow down at mealtime. This unique feeder features a palette-shaped spinner with small cups that can each hold a small portion of kibble or treats.

  • Slow down dinner time
  • Free from PVC & BPAS. Made with food-grade ABS Plastic
  • Suitable for the dishwasher (70c) on the top shelf
  • Size: Approximately 25cm x 9.2cm (13cm with cap)
  • Blue & white
  • Switch out with other spinners from Pet Dreamhouse

By spreading out your pet’s food intake, they will be forced to take their time and eat slowly, which can help improve digestion. Plus, the mental stimulation from having to work for their food will help keep your dog happy and engaged during the day. So upgrade mealtimes and make the SPIN Palette Feeder your furry friend’s new favourite bowl!

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