Buster IncrediBowl – for long-eared Dogs


If you have a long-eared dog, then you know the struggle of trying to keep their ears clean while they eat or drink. But with the BUSTER IncrediBowl from Kruuse, you’ll never have to worry about that again!

This innovative bowl is designed specifically for long-eared dogs, and features a conical shape that keeps their ears out of the food and water. No more stained ears or bad smells!

Plus, the IncrediBowl is also great for preventing dogs from bolting their food. They’ll have to take their time and eat slowly, which is better for their digestion. So ditch the old bowl and upgrade to the BUSTER IncrediBowl!

  • Specially designed for long eared dogs to keep those ears dry and clean
  • Available in Blue, Green and Grey
  • Available in Small – 1 Litre, Large – 2 Litre
  • Non-stick bottom
  • Also encourages slow feeding to help with digestion
  • Great for wet or dry food and water
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Large, Small


Blue, Green, Grey



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