Activity Snuffle Mat – Starter Kit with 3 Activities


Introducing the Buster Canvas Activity Snuffle Mat! This interactive play mat for dogs is perfect for keeping your pup entertained and engaged. The starter kit comes with 3 different treat-hiding activities – Envelope, Water Lily, and Cone Cloth – that attach to the mat.

The mat features snap buttons 35cm apart to keep activities in place. Plus, the included storage/travel bag makes it easy to take the fun with you wherever you go.
Keep your dog’s brain sharp and let them have a blast with the Activity Snuffle Mat!

Only 5 left in stock

Kruuse has created a fantastic, durable activity snuffle mat. This one is a house hold favourite in the dog games family.

Here’s some top tips from Kruuse:

  • Use in an open space so the dog can get to each side easily
  • Start small, start with 1 activity
  • Let your dog choose how to use it. Some dogs like to use their paws, others their mouths.
  • Always supervise your dog with this toy. Even though this toy is durable it can still be damaged if the dog is left alone with it
  • Ask the dog to sit and wait while you set the game up. When you’re ready give them a release command. There is always an opportunity for some impulse training
  • More activities can be purchased for the Buster Activity Mat
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