About Dog Games

Dog Games was opened in 2022 by Sally who always had a passion for animals and enrichment dog toys. With the support her mum, Karen running day to day operations.

Australian suppliers, Australian store.

Only the highest quality toys at resonable prices.

Dog Games is a family-owned Australian company, based in Brisbane. We aim to make it easier to find high quality enrichment dog toys through Australian wholesalers. We are passionate about dogs working their brains through mental stimulation and enrichment. Our aim is to provide high-quality dog toys that you generally can’t find at the big corporate stores.

Meet the team

Sally the business owner training her dog Ares


Dog Enrichment Enthusiast & Owner

Sally’s is passionate about her two German Shephers and creating an enrichment time at home and while away. She’s passionate about training and play.

Atlas the black german shepherd testing out a durable toy


Head of toy durability

We offer a wide range of durable toys and most are tested by Sal’s black German Shepherd Atlas. Atlas loves to destroy so he’s always on board to test the durability.

Areas testing a puzzle dog toy


Head of toy complexity

Ares is Sal’s rescue pup German Shepherd cross Belgian Shepherd. He loves a toy with that extra layer of complexity. He loves the puzzles and testing how difficult it really is.

Picture of a German Shorthaired Pointer for the Queensland, Australia rescue charity

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